Monday, March 19, 2012

adjusting to three...

This little bundle has brought a whole new level of crazy to our house. Three, three and under makes for a full day. I wondered many times how I was going to do it and my mom always told me, God will give you the grace. She was right. There are times where I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water, but mostly, I see God's kindess in giving us Amelia. He's providing the strength and help needed to care for all three kids. 

Here's a little of what's gone on these last two weeks.
Nay, can barely keep her hands off Amelia. She wants to be with her all the time and cries when she can't be.
(this sleep deprived momma has barely gotten out her camera, so most of these pictures are from Caleb's phone.)

 Elijah is also in love. He likes to lay next to her and hold her hand and comfort her whenever she cries. He always tells her, it's okay Amelia, and tries to put her pacifier in her mouth.

 We've had lots of company. Uncle Drew came for part of his Spring break. The kids had a blast playing with him. He was such a huge help around the house...he even washed the dishes for me.

 My friend from college came too and brought her little girl. Elijah was in heaven having a constant playmate for three days.

Another friend of mine was able to fly up for a couple days and took lots of pictures of the kids. Elijah is still missing her. He asked me this morning where she was and told me he wanted her to come back. 

As much as the kids are loving Amelia they're missing time with Caleb and I, so Caleb has taken the kids on a couple dates. He took them both to Cabelas and bought them sleeping bags and a fishing pole. They're ready for camping this Summer.

 Then he took Nay out for a little frozen yogurt. She loved her date with daddy.

Well, time for a little sleep before the next feeding. 


bandofbrothers said...

baby amelia is as precious as can be! that first pictures just melts me and brings me back to my days of babies. has it been that long?

sounds like you are doing great. keeping your head above waters is no small feat!

miss you!

Jess said...

Adjusting from 1 to 2 has been difficult for us, and my baby just turned 1. Sister loved her, but mostly at a distance for the first 5 months, and dates with daddy were huge. Now Roxy tells me almost daily that her and daddy are best buddies.
So happy for you and yours. She's precious.

Rebekah said...

It is so exciting to see how the Father works! So precious.

katygirl said...

Finally catching up on blogs. She's sooooo sweet. Thanks for being real about it. I know that will be me soon. ;)

alison said...

i had a friend tell me that going from 2 kids to 3 kids was the hardest (she's pregnant with #5 so i guess she'd know!). i have to say that i agree with her....although i won't be testing the 3 kids to 4 kids part of that experiment ;) i remember when my 3rd was was total chaos. but eventually we settled into a routine and it became our new "normal". you have gorgeous kiddos!!!

Laura@Splendor said...

oh these pictures are precious. 3 is adjustment but just like your mom said, God really does give you the grace you need each new day. and then 4 will seem so easy one day, right? thats what im telling myself ;)

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