Wednesday, January 25, 2012


i've been asked many times how we're adjusting to living in idaho. i'm happy to say it's gone smoother than i imagined. not that i imagined it going badly, i just thought it'd be hard than it's been. 

there are so many things we're loving...

the changing of seasons. 

clean air.

open skies.

no traffic. 

being near family.

our new church.

smaller town.

the way it's drawn Caleb and I closer.

having a house and a yard.

meeting new people.

how fast it feels like home.

 of course we're missing lots about california though. it's just hard leaving. i wish i could make these two worlds collide. but we're adjusting to life without...

in-n-out. our wastelines thank us.

being near the ocean. it still feels like we're forty minutes away.

family. okay, maybe not adjusting so well.

having a pool. this summer we're going to really miss it.


trader joe's. barely surviving. 

our friends. i try not to think about this one too much. my heart just aches.

trips up the coast. some of caleb and my best times together.

our church. seriously.

play dates. elijah is desperate. 

disneyland. i can't explain my deep love for this place. it's a little crazy.

mostly, we're really grateful. grateful to be where God's led us. grateful for answers after praying for direction for so long. grateful God comforts our hearts when we are struggling. grateful to see the Lord has a plan even when we don't see it or understand it. grateful we can trust him.


bandofbrothers said...

love this post! it's honest and thankful!

alison said...

i think the beach thing would get me the most. we live 30 minutes from the gulf of mexico and it would be hard to be away from that. we have some friends who recently moved to north carolina so he could go to seminary....and i think they feel the same way you do. they see the blessing and joy of where they are, but there's definitely some missing home going on!

katygirl said...

I miss you and in and out. I can't handle it while
Regnant this time.

katygirl said...


Carly Jean Brannon said...

Glad to hear your thankful perspective :) We miss you here... a play date sounds lovely right about now ;)

kaylee@life chasers said...

i can already relate.
no joke, i already have list similar to this and i'm not even gone yet.

i'm love hearing your heart of gratefulness.

Mamasita said...

... sounds like you are embracing this "season" of your lives very nicely! not always easy, but making the best of it! :)
Hope you are feeling GREAT!
Much love,

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