Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking back

As the year comes to a close it's hard not to think back on the last 364 days. I like taking time to remember the year and the lessons learned. This year, like every year brought us many unexpected things. It's been full. It's been hard. It's been blessed.

Last January Caleb and I were just starting our five months apart as he took on a new job. Those where such hard months, but like most trials the Lord used it to show me many things. 
I grew in my dependance on Christ alone.
My love for Caleb grew deeper.
I saw God's faithfullness again in providing work when we needed it.
I had some special time with Caleb's parents that I cherish even more now that we're not living close.

I made two new friends and got to know another one lots better.
God blessed me so much by bringing these girls into my life at just the right time. 

Enjoyed a beautiful Spring.
Truly amazed at God's creation. 
It always puts me in awe.

Took Elijah to Disneyland with the Talcott's to celebrate Davy's birthday. It was the best trip.
Thankful for these little blessings in our life.

Celebrated Vanessa's first birthday.
Incredibly thankful that she's strong and healthy.
Reminded of God's faithfulness again.

Celebrated Easter in Alabama.

Was able to reconnect with good friends in Georgia.

Paid off school debt.
Saw God as our provider.

 The job finally ended and Caleb came home.
 I got sick. 
Big bummer. Dealt with mono and other nasty stuff.
Was again reminded of the precious gift of good health. 
Saw Caleb's sacrificial love as he cared for me, the kids and the house. 
Prayer life grew.

My sister got Married.

Found out I was expecting.
The miracle of new life always amazes me.

Traveled to Portland for a cousins wedding.

Caleb and I started looking at the possibility of moving. Grew in my respect and love for Caleb even more as we prayed together for the Lord to lead our family.

Celebrated four years of being married to my best friend.

Found out there were complications with the pregnancy. 
Struggled trusting God and his plan.
Reminded of his faithfullness. 
Learning to take things moment by moment and lay all my burdens before the Lord.

Read a lot of books.

Caleb took a job in Boise. 
in three weeks time we moved our family. So hard saying good-bye to loved ones.

Felt at home way quicker than I imaged. 
Life got quiet.
Missed everyone in California, but excited to use this time to grow in my relationship with the Lord and my family.
Lots of time spent enjoying my little ones. 
Watched Elijah grow into a little boy and Nay's personality come alive.
Amazed at their new abilities.

Found out we were having a girl.

Welcomed our new niece Kahlan to the family.

Enjoyed our first fall with leaves.

Traveled to California for Thanksgiving. 
Loved our time so much.

Came home and geared up for Christmas. 
Really enjoying living near family.

Celebrated Elijah's third birthday. 
The last three years have gone by way to fast. 
Our lives are incredibly blessed by this sweet boy.

Got our first Christmas tree.

Spent a wonderful Christmas with family.

Looking forward to 2012.
Happy New Year.


Purposely at Home said...

what an exciting year filled with His blessings! i pray that you will continually be showered with God's abundant blessings. happy new year!


Kelly said...

Happy New Year Jessica!

Simply Domestic said...

What a wonderful recap of your year! Happy New Year!

Kristen said...

Such a wonderful post of your year, thank you for sharing!
Happy New Year!

Just when you thought

Kristen said...

Such a wonderful post of your year, thank you for sharing!
Happy New Year!

Just when you thought

bandofbrothers said...

WOWI That was an amazing summary! That would have taken me all year to compose, LOL. it's hard to write it all in one big post. what a wonderful way to remember God's faithfulness. Miss you!

Phil and Bri said...

loved this!

katygirl said...

A year ago we hadn't even met face to face yet!!

Sharstin said...

What a fantastic year~ happy 2012

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