Wednesday, December 7, 2011

my first baby girl.

I'm not sure how she realized it, but it seems that over the last couple weeks V knows she's not going to be the baby much longer. She's giving up her independence for a lot more cuddling.

She's was never much for snuggles.
She always picked Caleb over me.
And she only wanted to be rocked when she was sick.

But all that's changed. 
She pulls on my leg and leads me to the rocking chair. She wants me to wrap her in her blanket and hold her for hours. 
She now calls my name when I'm in the other room.
She likes to lay between Caleb and I in our bed at night and giggle. 
She places her little hands on my cheeks and kisses my lips.
She wants me to sing to her and rock her to bed.
I love every second of it. 

Even though there is another little one coming. You'll always be my first baby girl. I will hold you and kiss on you forever.


Darcie said...

Sweet :)
My kids arent much of cuddlers either... but they make up for it in other ways :)

Kirra Sue said...

So so sweet.

Kelly said...

she's precious!

katygirl said...

oh this post made my heart ache.

Anonymous said...

Precious. 5ohBaby never used to cuddle much either. Maybe one day

Laurie J said...

absolutely precious. i have 3 boys and I totally get it--each has their own special place in a mama's heart!

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