Thursday, September 15, 2011

things i love about being pregnant...

If I were being completely honest sometimes I forget I'm pregnant and just think I'm sick. It's easy to focus on the uncomfortable parts of pregnancy when you can't escape them and forget the wonderful miracle happening inside. So, I've started to make a list....

The things I love about being pregnant. 

the feeling when you see two lines for the first time.

telling the people you love the most.

the first ultrasound photo...well all the ultrasounds photos.

hearing the heart beating.

 emails from babycenter telling me what size of fruit my baby is this week.

feeling the baby move.

Caleb talking to my belly.

Elijah talking to my belly. (he yells into my belly button and then tells me the baby is sleeping.)

thinking of baby names.

looking through Elijah and Vanessa's baby clothes wondering if it's a boy or girl. 

dreaming of what he or she will look like. 

praying for the baby. 

the excuse to endulge every crazy food craving.

suddenly noticing every pregnant woman.

being pregant with friends.

finding out the gender.

being amazed by God in creating this miracle.


kenzie said...

i can't wait to find out what it is!! you make cute boys AND girls. <3

katygirl said...


Heather B said...

What about having a great excuse to eat a lot of ice cream? That was one of my favorites!

Crystal said...

My favorite:

Hearing the heart beating (Really at three weeks)

Emails from babycenter telling me what size of fruit my baby is this week (I had too much fun with that)

Feeling the baby move (I think I am going to miss that feeling the most)

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