Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things I don't want to forget: Vanessa edition.

 She's greets me with a smile every morning.

 She goes to sleep without crying every night.

Just hearing Elijah's name puts the biggest smile on her face.

Hearing the pitter patter of her little feet running down the hallway.

The way she backs into my legs whenever she wants me to sit down and hold her.

The swaying of her hips whenever there is music on.

The way she sleeps with her dolly tucked under her arm all night long.

When she tries to tickle me. 

She doesn't know a stranger.

She melts in her dada's arms.

Her strength and tender heart.

Her love for the outdoors.

The way she squeals when she hears dada come home from work. 

The moments she lays her head on my shoulder.

They way I get teary eyed looking into her eyes.

That Elijah is the only one she'll kiss no matter what.

When she smiles her eyes disappear.

The way she puts her arm around your shoulder and pats your back.

The way she pulls my hand away from whatever I'm doing when she wants my attention.

That she is our miracle.

(pictures were taken by my dear friend Amber.)


kenzie said...

she is so beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Oh, she is the sweetest little thing! These photos are beautiful!

bandofbrothers said...

beautiful photos of your beautiful girl--inside and out! what a sweet tribute. And I love how she dotes on Elijah.

Kirra Sue said...

so sweet.

Sharstin said...

What a sweet post of your baby girl, gorgeous Picts too:)

Faith said...

These pictures are so adorable!! These thoughts are so beautiful!

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