Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a full weekend.

I'm sure you've noticed that the blog posts are few and far between around here. Life is just a little too busy and blogging falls last on my priority list. 

Besides the obvious of packing boxes, getting paper work done, doctors appointments, and taking care of little ones we've been saying our good-byes.

This past weekend we spent saying good-bye to Caleb's family. I miss them already.

Some of my favorite memories with his family are the simple ones...we always have breakfast on the patio and then the kids run around getting dirty before it gets too hot. 

Caleb's mom is a pro in the kitchen...she whips up meals in no time and they always taste incredible.

Hours are spent in the hammock. Books are read, naps are taken, and lots of wrestling and falling off onto the grass.

This weekend was also Crystal's baby shower. We'd planned it awhile back before we knew we were moving and it happened that our last weekend with the family was also her baby shower. 

We had a great time planning and putting together all the details for our sweet baby Kahlan. (the ninth grandchild in the family) 

The food turned out delicious. We made everything mini and it was a blast. 

Mom and Sarah...the two people I got to throw the shower with. We seriously had so much fun together.

Sisters and mama...

This weekend was also Andrew's first game of the season and in Bakersfield so we were all there. I'm thankful that we were able to pack in one more game before we leave.

Elijah cheering on our favorite goalie.

Yiayia with her babies...

Cousins...these five play together all the time. Elijah talks about them everyday when we're not together and says they're his best friends. Helena and Julia take good care of Vanessa and Vanessa never wants to leave Helena's side. I've loved watching them grow so close. 

The morning we said good-bye with Papa and Yiayia. I know that we're only going to Idaho, but that still means we won't be seeing them a couple times a month and we're going to miss them terribly. They've pour out so much love on our family and our children have grown incredibly close to them. I'm so grateful for our times together these last four years. 

Love you all.


Sarah and Drew said...

Thank you for your recent comment. It prompted me to catch up on your life...and wow so much "new" is in store for you guys. I will definitely keep you in my prayers with the move and baby #3, so exciting! You will be go through such a wave of emotions (ups/downs) and at unexpected moments. Find times daily to be in the word and in prayer as He will sustain you through it all. And yes we're enjoying your Cali friends here.

Brittney said...

awww.....pretty pics......blessings to you through your move!

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