Friday, April 29, 2011


Lately I've felt that I've heard the sound of my own voice a little too much. So today i focused on...

Listening...and this is what I heard...

The ticking of my clock at 4:23 a.m.

Elijah asking for appa (apple) juice when he woke up.

A sermon on the high cost of following Christ.

the sound of the water running as i washed the dishes.

kids playing outside our living room window. 

Cars driving down the road.
The ups man ringing our door bell.

V clapping her hands.
our bedroom fan.
Jeremiah telling me that God is my refuge.
{jeremiah 17:17}
V sucking on her bottle while I put her down for her nap.

when i die young, by the band perry.

Elijah saying, "no no" and than saying sorry mama. 

vanessa giggling at elijah making funny faces.

Michael saying good-bye.

my kitchen timer going off.

Elijah singing to V.

Vanessa talking to her doll instead of sleeping. 

and the best sound goes to...
the door opening and Caleb coming home...(for good)

James 1:19 
"let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feels like home

We're just getting back from a week visiting family in Alabama. I'm trying to get unpacked, do the laundry, get the kids back on a schedule, but the whole time wishing we were still there. We had a such a good time. 

We celebrated V's birthday again...on her actual birthday.

The cousins played with Elijah and V so much Caleb and I felt  spoiled not having to change diapers for a week.

There were no big plans just hanging out together. One night we walked around the University...

We were able to sneak away for some alone time,

and i brought my camera to play around with.

We went to the boys baseball games...

Elijah enjoyed the hot dogs and could have stayed out all day.

The humidity made his curls get curlier...

and made V and I think we might melt.

V liked staying in Grandad's arms...

I loved just being there...

We did some shopping and ate lots of treats.

 Played on the tire swing...

 One afternoon we went fishing...

 Got a couple bites, but only reeled in two...

Elijah and Grandad caught the first one...

a nice seven pounder...then Caleb thought he'd give it a try and hooked the second one...

We're thinking it might have been half a pound. 

 It was a great night and I only came away with about ten mosquito bites.

Our Easter was perfect. We went to church, which Elijah slept through while V was singing and clapping. Then we came home and had a wonderful dinner before we had to pack up to leave.

 Saying good bye was hard. We had the best time and really didn't want it to end.

Caleb said being with them is like being home and that's exactly what it's like. It's relaxing and refreshing and you never want to leave. Thank you all so much for having us.

 I know this is turning into the worlds longest post, but I'm not done. We left my aunts house and drove to Atlanta where our good friends the Smiths moved almost a year ago. We miss them so much and even though our time was really short we made the most of it. 

the kids together again...

Brooke and I in front of their new house.

Okay, the end.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little V

We anxiously awaited your arrival. We clung to hope that you would come to us safe and sound. Our faith was strengthened and prayer life forever changed. And we saw the love of Christ lived out in unexpected ways. 

Seeing you so small and fragile was one of the hardest things I've gone through as a mother. I felt like it was all my fault but completely unable to do anything. But God's power was perfected through our weakness and he carried us through. 

 I love your hand. You still fall asleep with it covering your face and when you stretch it out and wave we melt. 

Taking you home for the first time was an incredible gift. Watching the miracle of your life is something I will never take for granted. I know you are only here by God's grace and that he has an incredible plan for your life.

I love looking back at pictures over this last year and seeing how you've grown. You are beautiful. You smile with your eyes and joy pours out of you. You always greet us with a smile in the morning and I could kiss on your soft cheeks forever. 

Elijah and you love each other so much and I pray your relationship continues to grow. He makes you laugh harder than anyone else can and loves to hold your hand while riding in the car. You both don't like it when the other is sleeping and you can't be together. It makes dada and I so happy to see you two together. 

I continue to pray that you will grow in the grace, love, and understanding of God. That you will completely submit your life to him. You are a gift from God to our little family and we love you. You've taught us about the power, faithfulness, and love of God in ways we never would have known without you. 

Happy Birthday doll doll.
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