Monday, March 7, 2011

It feels good...

to be back. 

It's been a great three weeks away.  I knew I needed a break, but I don't think I explained why I was leaving very well. So...

 First off, thank you to everyone who called, emailed, and messaged me about my blog and it's little break. Thank you for reading. I really had no idea that so many of you did! 

Second, I LOVE blogging. I don't think I realized how much I enjoyed it, but I really do. I'm grateful for this way of documenting our life and staying connected with others. I'm also very grateful that God has used this place to encourage some of you. My prayer is that he does use this blog and it would be a place that people see him.

 The reason I took a break had nothing to do with "blogging" it had everything to do with me. I was NOT being disciplined about my time on the computer. Especially, with Caleb being away. I used it to escape in a way that wasn't right. I also found myself thinking about blogging way too much. I wasn't taking opportunities to be in the moment with my children and friends. My life was becoming too virtual. There were friends that I needed to invest in that were right in front of me.  

I'm coming back refreshed with some good boundaries in place and I'm excited about it! Thanks for bearing with me.

Well, what's a post without some pictures... here is us lately.


Enjoying the park

Painting pictures for dada.

and I might have started working out...

Dewars with Julia!

Reading...loving it.

Soaking up every second dada is home.

Playing around with the setting on the camera.

My favorite time in Bakersfield is when the trees are in bloom!

I'm loving my camera!

Playing with Lucky, the best dog I've ever met.

Have I ever mentioned how much Elijah loves being outside?? 
Cause I'm pretty sure he'd never come in if I let him.

She doesn't notice anyone when Papa's around.

Elijah has become quite good at puzzles.

He spends hours putting them together, taking them apart, and doing it all over.

Aunt Deb Deb came to visit.

He thinks he's funny.

She's such a doll.

They love each other...she's smiling at her dada!

Okay, that's it for now....


Morgen said...

Yay! Welcome back...I missed your family :-)

Katherine Tolopilo said...

Ahhh!!!! Jess! I LOVE all the pictures! You are such a beautiful mama and its so great to see your "virtual" face! I can't believe how much hair Nessa is getting! And you are really getting good with your camera- keep the pictures coming! Love you!

hill said...

beautiful, beautiful photos.

kenzie said...

missed your updates! miss you! miss V and E! Brian had fun hanging out with/working with caleb last week! xo

bandofbrothers said...

yay! welcome back! boundaries are good. i need them too:)

i love seeing you on here, yellow hat in particular!

beautiful photos!

katygirl said...

hi! yay! so happy you're back. i have set boundaries too. they are great. i miss you! we are finally better so lets all go do something fun.

Ruby Love said...

why hello!! missed you but i know it was for the best! :)
awesome photos too!

Jami Nato said...

glad you are back!

yes i read every single comment...silly goose.

you and your fam are TOO. CUTE.

Mom said...

cute pictures! can't wait to munch on our babies this weekend. xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox mom aka yiayia

Jessica said...

Thanks's fun being back!

Jami said...

Glad you're back. I love these pics. The one of your hubby and kids on the tractor is fantastic!

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