Monday, February 7, 2011

why i don't sleep...

Between the two of them little sleep happens....on the rare night it does....I still don't sleep cause I keep thinking I heard them or I worry something is wrong cause they're actually sleeping.

And yet, my favorite thing is hearing them in the morning. I love getting them out of their beds and kissing all over them like it's been days since I've seen them and really it's only been a couple hours.

The lack of sleep doesn't seem to bother them much.

Still as bright eyed as ever! 
(wish i could say the same for my eyes, but at least i have make-up)

Happy Monday...



Sara Harmon said...

Such beautiful babes you have! Looks like you have been doing a great job with your new camera, so fun!! Miss you and hope your Monday lets you to a nap and cuddle up with them ;)

katy said...

love those little eyes.

arielle said...

just found your lovely!
you have a beautiful little family :)


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