Thursday, February 10, 2011

Family Love

Elijah betwen his Propa and Proyia. 

 Two of our greatest blessings. 
We love you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

February 6th

Two days ago was my mom's birthday. It came and past quietly. 

It's been years but, I still miss her so much. 

I wish I knew her favorite color or what made her laugh. I wish I had spent the day celebrating with her and doing whatever moms and daughters do together. I wish she knew Caleb, the answer to many of her prayers for me. I wish she could kiss my kids and tell them stories. I wish I saw her in them. I wish I could call her up for a recipe or ask her what to do when Caleb and I get in a fight. I wish she knew the person I turned into. I guess I just wish I knew her.

I miss her hugs. I miss hearing her voice. I miss knowing what it's like to have a mom. I miss all the things she would have taught me. 

There's a lot I don't remember and I was too young too understand. 

But I do remember, how it felt to hold her hand. And how she used to read to us all the time. I remember that she never cried in front of me and how hard she worked for our family. I remember what a good cook she was and can still smell her fresh bread coming out of the oven. I remember never wanting to leave her side. (literally!)  I remember that when I would run to her with all my fears she would hold me tight and read scripture to me. 

Even though our time together was short I'm thankful for it. I'm thankful that she gave me something eternal. She taught me that God is sovereign over everything and that he is our source of comfort and strength. I learned so much through losing her that I wouldn't have otherwise and God was there every moment carrying me. I know his promises are true and I will see her again someday.

I saw these Irises in the yard and picked them for her. 
Love you mom...and Happy Birthday!

why i don't sleep...

Between the two of them little sleep happens....on the rare night it does....I still don't sleep cause I keep thinking I heard them or I worry something is wrong cause they're actually sleeping.

And yet, my favorite thing is hearing them in the morning. I love getting them out of their beds and kissing all over them like it's been days since I've seen them and really it's only been a couple hours.

The lack of sleep doesn't seem to bother them much.

Still as bright eyed as ever! 
(wish i could say the same for my eyes, but at least i have make-up)

Happy Monday...


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Soft Cheeks...

I love babies soft skin. Nay (what Elijah affectionately calls her) has the softest! Seriously, it's amazing. I love snuggling up to her all the time....unfortunately, Nay is not much of a cuddler. I'm working on it though. Last night we had a break through. She laid in my arms for an hour without moving and then fell might have been cause she was finally warm in this cold house, maybe cause she was so tired from not napping all day, maybe it was God's gift to me. I don't really care why it happened I'm just thankful it did.

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