Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time Away.

We love getting away...especially when it's to Shaver....especially when it's with our close friends...especially when there's snow...especially when Caleb's been gone and we finally get to be together as a family!

I love this man...the guys got to get away for the day and snowboard...much needed for them all.

The kids played hard in the snow...

and loved it...

and ate it.

Vanessa had lots of playmates. She laughed and laughed.

I think she is so beautiful. Just look at those blue eyes and red lips!

Love these girls.


Could they be any cuter?? (yea I know we're crazy letting V go down with Eli, but look how happy they are.)

We had a great time and wish it wasn't over....we'll do it again soon!


Anonymous said...

Made us miss the cabin even more...the smell and relaxation. So glad you guys were able to go.
love you,

Jamie said...

so fun! i miss the snow.

how cool your in-laws went to reality carp and heard brett! i heard back from his assistant about helping daisy. i will blog about it when i get a chance.

xo, jamie

Suelynn said...

How fun! Love all the pics!

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