Friday, January 7, 2011

In Case you were Wondering....

{Random Facts}

I can't whistle. 

 I used to pray that God would give me brown hair cause my sisters told me I was left on the doorstep and I thought if I had brown hair like them it wouldn't be true.

I eat ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner.

I'm incredibly indecisive and wish I wasn't.

My Favorite Bible verse is "Be still and know I am God."

I LOVE listening to music...ALL the time. 

I dream about living overseas and running an orphanage. 

If you offered me a prestigious job that paid millions I wouldn't take it over being a stay at home wife and mom.

Green is my favorite color, with mustard yellow as a close second. 

If I could have any talent it would be that I could really sing. 

I hate sleeping in our bed when Caleb is out of town and I usually let Elijah sleep with me. 

Dinner is my least favorite meal of the day. 

I want to own a red barn.

I Love Nessa's long eye lashes.

I'm a clean freak and don't like it when people sit on the bed after I've made it. 

I love to write, but only for myself. 

Elijah and I dance around the house everyday. 

Trader Joe's is my favorite grocery store. 

I prefer pen and paper to a computer, a phone call over a text message, and a comment over no comment.

I never go out of town without at least 5 books.

I heart Disneyland like a little kid.

I'm an early to bed early to rise kind of girl. 

I married a country boy who will do anything to make me smile.

I've never had a cup of coffee.

{that's just a little bit about me in case you were wondering}


Sarah said...

Here's another one:
You have a sister that loves you more than you know.

Phil and Bri said... Love knowing all those things about you! Especially the coffee one, me either ;)

danielle @ take heart said...

yay! thanks for sharing a little bit more about you!
you are a beautiful child of the King! thankful we have crossed paths in this little blog world. :)

and i am with you with the ice cream ;)

kenzie said...

the only one that really stood out to me : you've never had a cup of coffee!?!? how is this possible!?

Kirra Sue said...

so fun. i loved reading this! i love that you love trader joe's & cannot believe you've never had a cup of coffee! that's amazing!!!! love you!

Jamie said...

i loved reading these fun little bits of randomness about you. How fun! it's no wonder you're so fun. Disneyland is the best place ever to be a kid again and it's totally ok! i heart that place too. you look great in mustard yellow so it's fun it's your fav color.

ps. praying for your friends

Band of Brothers said...

that was so fun! loved learning little random thoughts that make you, well, YOU!

no coffee? never ever? hm. i like it, but not as much as my friends do. i think it smells wonderful though!

can't go wrong with green or mustard yellow. though for me, mustard yellow is my favorite, teal is second and kelly green is third!

i love that you always read.

one day, maybe you WILL run an orphanage! sounds like an amazing aspiration!

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