Saturday, December 11, 2010


Your laugh is contagious.

You make your dada and mama smile all the time.

You love order and detail. 

Your a cuddle bug. Seriously, just when I think there is no possible way for us to be any closer you find a way. (and usually in the middle of the night.)

You cry when dada leaves for work and start laughing with excitement when you hear the door open at the end of the day and know he's home.

You would live outside if I'd let you, no matter how cold or hot it is.

Your big blue eyes and curly hair melt me.

You love to read books and play with all your stuffed animals.

Your the messiest eater I know. 

You love to eat any red meat, feta cheese, raisins, kalamata olives and pick kidney beans over apple pie.

You love your sister so much!

You still haven't learned that you must wear clothes everyday.

Your best friend is dada.

You could watch The Office all day and you laugh at all the right spots. (I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs.)

You dance with or without music.

You are one of our greatest blessings.

 You have made our life incredible. I can't imagine it without you. I miss you while you sleep at night and secretly like it when you wake up and cuddle with me. You bring your dada and I SO much joy. 

I pray you seek the Lord diligently and hide his word in your heart; standing up for truth and not compromising your convictions.  
I can't wait to see the man you become. 

You are such a blessing and  I had no idea I could love someone the way I love you. 

Happy Birthday!


jules said...

what a sweet post :) and a sweeter boy!! :)

Jamie said...

aww so sweet. is his birthday today? it's my niece's birthday today (11th). how cute if they share the same day!

kenzie.irby said...

happy birthday Elijah! Can't believe he's 2, I remember when he was first born!

Jessica said...

Thanks girls...
I can't believe he's two!

Jamie his birthday is actually today. (12th) I went into labor on the 11th. Happy Birthday to your niece.

Suelynn said...

What a sweet and loving tribute, happy birthday to your little man!

Phil and Bri said...

so sweet :)

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