Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Routine....

Our life is looking a little different for the next month or so. God graciously provided Caleb with a job (right when we needed it) at his Uncle's ranch house. The house is in the mountains about an hour and a half from Bakersfield. So, we moved our little family up to his parents house until he's done. Caleb works there for the week and then comes home on the weekends and I try to make it up there when I can. We'll head to L.A. for a day here and there, but until the end of January, beginning of February this is our new home.

It's nice being with his family and Elijah is loving all the space to run outside and playing with the dogs, but we're missing home too. I'm trying to figure out a new routine here and I know it will come, but it takes time. Elijah is really missing dada.  He cries out for him a lot and while I tried to put him to bed the other night he just kept asking if dada loved him. It

Yesterday was a special day for him. I dropped Vanessa at her Auntie's house and drove him up to the ranch to see dada. We had a great day!

As soon as we got there we saw horses on the side of the road.
Caleb is residing the house. I just have to take this opportunity to say Caleb is AMAZING...there is nothing this man can't do. (and I'm not saying that just cause I'm married to him, but I do feel pretty lucky that I got him!)

 We went to get water from the springs...Elijah loved riding the Polarais.  
It's beautiful.
 So green.

 Really fresh water.

 We played a little too much...Caleb said he wasn't getting enough work done, but it was good for Elijah to be with him.
Elijah wanted to help.


kenzie.irby said...

your pics are beautiful! hope you guys are having fun, you'll have LOTS of help I know! :)

Megan said...

love this! i so want to see you while you're here. we're getting over colds and christmas around here but for sure next week.

and i agree, caleb's work is amazing. i want to see the house when it's finished!

i haven't even told andrew that you guys are here!!! what a surprise that will be!

Phil and Bri said...

What a fun retreat this will be for you! Enjoy that beauty that you get to see everyday!

Jessica said...

Megan, we'd love to see you. I'm sorry you've been sick. We'll be in town until the end of Jan. so I'm sure we'll figure a time out.

Kenzie, we miss you guys a lot! Can't wait for Shaver!

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