Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Routine....

Our life is looking a little different for the next month or so. God graciously provided Caleb with a job (right when we needed it) at his Uncle's ranch house. The house is in the mountains about an hour and a half from Bakersfield. So, we moved our little family up to his parents house until he's done. Caleb works there for the week and then comes home on the weekends and I try to make it up there when I can. We'll head to L.A. for a day here and there, but until the end of January, beginning of February this is our new home.

It's nice being with his family and Elijah is loving all the space to run outside and playing with the dogs, but we're missing home too. I'm trying to figure out a new routine here and I know it will come, but it takes time. Elijah is really missing dada.  He cries out for him a lot and while I tried to put him to bed the other night he just kept asking if dada loved him. It

Yesterday was a special day for him. I dropped Vanessa at her Auntie's house and drove him up to the ranch to see dada. We had a great day!

As soon as we got there we saw horses on the side of the road.
Caleb is residing the house. I just have to take this opportunity to say Caleb is AMAZING...there is nothing this man can't do. (and I'm not saying that just cause I'm married to him, but I do feel pretty lucky that I got him!)

 We went to get water from the springs...Elijah loved riding the Polarais.  
It's beautiful.
 So green.

 Really fresh water.

 We played a little too much...Caleb said he wasn't getting enough work done, but it was good for Elijah to be with him.
Elijah wanted to help.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas

What a wonderful weekend. It was spent with family, friends, and food, way too much food. It was spent laughing...a LOT, listening to music and singing along, opening presents, reading God's word, sharing our many blessing over the past year, watching movies, playing games, and going on walks. It was different than others years, but good. We spread out the Christmas festivities over Christmas Eve and Christmas day. It made Christmas lasted that much longer. 

But even with all the celebrating my heart ached missing the family that wasn't able to be with us. Troy, Bekah, Dakota, Kate, and Hope it's just not the same without you. There is a huge hole that only you can fill. I miss you! 

I am really disappointed in something though......the pictures. Can someone please teach my how to take a good picture with my dang camera?! A good friend gave me a nice camera last year along with two lenses. I'm so excited about it, but it might be a little to nice for me. I can't figure it out. I took a bunch of pictures with it, but had it on the wrong settings and none of them turned out at all. Oh well, moving on. I guess I really should read the owners manuel. 

Eight months and just started crawling! Can't believe it, she's been in the world longer than I was pregnant with her. 

The house was decorated so beautifully! 

These were the kids stockings when they were little and as they've grown and gotten married and had kids, mom adds names to them. Such a fun tradition. 

V wore mom's bonnet and jacket from when she was a baby that her grandmother made for her. How special!

On our way to the Bridge for Christmas Eve service. We're living in Bakersfield for the next month or so and will going to that church while we're here and looking forward to it.

Christmas morning.

Papou and Yiayia cuddled up with the new blanket mom made for them.

I married into a family with some seriously good cooks. Dinner was amazing. 

We've been putting V in the wagon and going on lots of walks. Elijah loves pulling her.

Could he be any cuter?

We LOVE our Yiayia.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Your laugh is contagious.

You make your dada and mama smile all the time.

You love order and detail. 

Your a cuddle bug. Seriously, just when I think there is no possible way for us to be any closer you find a way. (and usually in the middle of the night.)

You cry when dada leaves for work and start laughing with excitement when you hear the door open at the end of the day and know he's home.

You would live outside if I'd let you, no matter how cold or hot it is.

Your big blue eyes and curly hair melt me.

You love to read books and play with all your stuffed animals.

Your the messiest eater I know. 

You love to eat any red meat, feta cheese, raisins, kalamata olives and pick kidney beans over apple pie.

You love your sister so much!

You still haven't learned that you must wear clothes everyday.

Your best friend is dada.

You could watch The Office all day and you laugh at all the right spots. (I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs.)

You dance with or without music.

You are one of our greatest blessings.

 You have made our life incredible. I can't imagine it without you. I miss you while you sleep at night and secretly like it when you wake up and cuddle with me. You bring your dada and I SO much joy. 

I pray you seek the Lord diligently and hide his word in your heart; standing up for truth and not compromising your convictions.  
I can't wait to see the man you become. 

You are such a blessing and  I had no idea I could love someone the way I love you. 

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Embracing the Camera December 9th

This week I realized my need for "embrace the camera." I, like Emily, do not have enough pictures with my mom and me and I don't want my kiddo's to feel the same way when they're older. I was looking through our pictures and noticed they're were very few pictures with my babies and me. I'm failing already, great. So, reason number one for doing embrace the camera.

Reason number two.
 I started wondering why is it that I don't have pictures with my kids? I take lots of pictures of them? Oh yeah, I remember, it's because I probably have barely brushed my teeth that day and do not want myself documented this way for the rest of history. Seriously, I'm not one of those people who wake up looking good. I need make-up...or I look like a boy.

It hit me. I'm turning into one of "those moms." The ones who swore they would never wear mom jeans and one day look in the mirror and to their horror they're wearing mom jeans. (okay, I'm not that bad yet, but it's getting there.) So, for the sake of my kids, husband, and just cause it feels better when I shower. I'm going to start taking a little more time in the morning to get ready, even if that means I have two crying kiddos. 

Here we go...oily face and all....attempt number one. (look at the camera V)

Okay, she got the memo, but I guess I didn't. Oh my gosh. I know all parents think they're kids are the cutest, but just look at her. I'm not exaggerating  when I say I kiss those checks all day. 

 She melts me.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Oh, it feels good to be home. I love traveling. I love being with my family. But I sure do miss home while I'm away. It's crazy how our little two bedroom apartment in Granada Hills has become home. I've been in Southern California for eight years now. There was a time not too long ago that I hated coming back from my parents house. But this time when I was flying over L.A. I felt like I was coming home.

I liked being away from emails, facebook, or blogging. (although I did miss you guys) Just time with family. And we had an eventful case of Pneumonia, five cases of Strep throat, three cases of pink eye, three ear infections, one case of influenza, and multiple colds. Running to the urgent care and nursing two sick kids, while I was also fighting off being sick was not how I imagined my holiday going, but we survived and were so thankful that we were with family. 

We still managed to have a good time.

It snowed...a lot! and I loved it.

and someone cut two teeth.

Lots of books were read.

Elijah learned how to say Abby. It's so cute.

Granddad and Nana with their doll doll. 

E loved the snow.

Dada meet us earlier than expected!

And of course lots of time with Great Grandpa and Grandma. 

Now, time to get unpack. Coming very soon...some more Christmas projects.

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