Thursday, September 30, 2010

Worth it....

Every sleepless night, 

every time I'm pooped, peed, or spit up on, 

every time I think I've failed,

 every tear,

 clothes I can't fit into,

 alone time I no longer have,

 days that don't go as planned

every penny spent,

Is SO worth it. 

                                                            God gives you the grace,

the strength,

 the patience,

the sense of humor needed.

And then they smile. 

I'm SO in love with my job.

and here is where the photo shoot ended. 
(sometimes he loves her a little too much.)


Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

Look at you go Blogging Queen! I love love love this post! I can't WAIT to have a job like yours! Too bad there is no salary, because I'm pretty sure it is the HARDEST yet most FULFILLING job ever!

jules said...

love this post. such a great reminder! and LOVE that last photo... hilarious!!!!

Phil and Bri said...

Jess this is adorable and those smiles oh my goodness!!! You do have the best job ever and it's so refreshing to see a momma like you appreciate it and love it! Thanks for sharing!!

Jamie said...

oh my gosh i am cracking up. ahh so funny. and so sweet what you wrote.

Caleb and Jessica said...

Thanks girls! I really do LOVE my "job." Being a mommy and a wife is exactly what I was made for.

Suelynn said...

I LOVE the one where Vanessa is smiling so big - too cute! They're both growing so fast, we miss you guys!

CC said...

Your kids are adorable! What a wonderful way to spend your days!! ( Patrice's friend Carolyn)

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