Monday, September 27, 2010


I understand that most people plant in the spring, but I was a little preoccupied and am just getting around to it. I can't say I have much of a green thumb so if I never talk about my garden again it's cause I've killed all my plants and am too ashamed to speak of it.

 Caleb and I dream of building a house someday with lots of land where I can have a huge garden and a barn full of animals. I'm not sure if it will ever happen so I'm making the most out of what we have and I LOVE it. 


My Tangelo tree...

She's so pretty.

I planted a squash, cucumber, and strawberry in the little planter. I'm not sure it it's a good idea to put them all together, but I guess I'll find out. (the plant in the pot on the ground I already killed. Trying to decide what to put in next.)

Yiayia and Papou gave this to us for our wedding and I've never had a place to hang it until now!

We've already roasted marshmallows on it!

It was even cold enough last week for me to wear my slippers while I did my devotions. 

Loving my quiet time before the kids wake up. 


Still dreaming of 

A tin watering can.

New patio furniture.

and a rose bush.



Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

You are cute! I have those slippers too! Is this 90 degree weather serious? I'm ready for 75 and fall-like. :) heehee. We don't live in reality jess!

Melissa said...

i have a black thumb and kill pretty much everything. but someday too i'd love to grow veggies!

Sarah said...

Your patio looks great!

Keep going girly! Planting is all about trial & error.

Love you!

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