Thursday, September 30, 2010

Worth it....

Every sleepless night, 

every time I'm pooped, peed, or spit up on, 

every time I think I've failed,

 every tear,

 clothes I can't fit into,

 alone time I no longer have,

 days that don't go as planned

every penny spent,

Is SO worth it. 

                                                            God gives you the grace,

the strength,

 the patience,

the sense of humor needed.

And then they smile. 

I'm SO in love with my job.

and here is where the photo shoot ended. 
(sometimes he loves her a little too much.)

Monday, September 27, 2010


I understand that most people plant in the spring, but I was a little preoccupied and am just getting around to it. I can't say I have much of a green thumb so if I never talk about my garden again it's cause I've killed all my plants and am too ashamed to speak of it.

 Caleb and I dream of building a house someday with lots of land where I can have a huge garden and a barn full of animals. I'm not sure if it will ever happen so I'm making the most out of what we have and I LOVE it. 


My Tangelo tree...

She's so pretty.

I planted a squash, cucumber, and strawberry in the little planter. I'm not sure it it's a good idea to put them all together, but I guess I'll find out. (the plant in the pot on the ground I already killed. Trying to decide what to put in next.)

Yiayia and Papou gave this to us for our wedding and I've never had a place to hang it until now!

We've already roasted marshmallows on it!

It was even cold enough last week for me to wear my slippers while I did my devotions. 

Loving my quiet time before the kids wake up. 


Still dreaming of 

A tin watering can.

New patio furniture.

and a rose bush.


Saturday, September 25, 2010


    So, the other day I hear this noise coming from the kitchen. It catches me off guard, cause we were all in the bedroom and I had only turned around for a second. The noise kind of sounded like someone was getting candy out of the candy jar. This threw me, cause Caleb was standing next to me and there was NO way for Elijah to reach the candy jar, not to mention he doesn't even know what candy is.

I was wrong...

Elijah does know what candy is...

And if he drags my stepping stool into the kitchen he CAN reach the jar. (I still don't know how he did this in such a short amount of time.)

                   Caught, (and please excuse my messy kitchen I didn't know we'd be taking pictures today.)

"Maybe if I share mom won't get mad at me."

"On second thought, if I'm going to get in trouble, better make it worth it."

"I know how I'll get out of trouble, I'll smile so big, it'll make her laugh and she won't be able to get mad."

Mission accomplished. 

Got the candy corn.

Didn't get in trouble!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bath time...

One of our favorite times of the day...

Not sure what I was thinking bathing them together. She still a little too small, but we had fun.

Love her!

So, the other day, I'm getting Nessa out of the tub and before I can do anything Elijah's in...with all his clothes on. I yell for Caleb to come quick, hoping he gets him before he sits down, but Caleb decides this is a moment to grab the camera instead. Oh well. 

I could just eat him up.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


And what is that around his neck you ask..

well, it's his cape of course.
 How does he come up with these things I do not know, but it makes me smile.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shaver Lake

A couple weekends ago we went away for the last time this summer. I can't believe that summer went by so fast! I feel like it should have been our first vacation of the summer not the last. We had a great time. It's such a blast sharing the cabin with our friends. Surprisingly, with five kids, we all had a relaxing time. I'm not sure how much sleep happened, but who needs sleep anyways? 

Here are a couple shots from our time... 

Sienna teaching Elijah the actions to all the songs her daddy plays for her.

Cooling off with some ice cream...

Elijah, Zane, and Sienna

Sweet Clover

Tried to get a picture of all the kids...this is the best we did...way to go Zane for looking at the camera.

Thank you all so much for coming...can't wait till we go this winter!

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