Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Apartment 101

Well, we're here, settling into our fourth apartment in three years. And I'm pretty sure I never want to move again. It's been a lot of work, but things are finally finding their place. I still have lots to do to make it just how I want it, but I thought I'd share some pictures of the kitchen area. (these are mostly for you Brooke!)

Caleb's finished painting and getting ready to put in the floors.

Construction zone

                                  Coming together...

LOVE the floors...Caleb did such a good job!! 
(Brooke, notice the extra cabinet? Burton let Caleb put it in)

Thanks to Amy for the mirror and Bekah for the table.

One of my favorite things...my pot rack.

This great piece was Caleb's grandma's...I'm thinking of painting it, but need some help with what to put on it...any ideas?

Well, I'm still working on the bedrooms, I'll get some more pictures and put them up soon.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Crazy life...

Good morning blogging world. I've missed you. LIfe has been a little crazy lately...as it usually is....and blogging has taken a back seat to moving, pumping, a new nephew, trying to manage two kiddos. pumping, trying to teach Nessa to nurse, pumping, trips to Bakersfield, and did I mention pumping? (I really am committed to teaching V to nurse and I want her to have breast milk for at least a year, but it feels all consuming, and sometimes I want to give up.) But I'm back. We're finally settled in our new place (I'll put up pictures soon) the kids are in somewhat of a routine, and I'm starting to feel normal again. I had a bunch of blog posts I thought I was going to write, but it didn't happen, so here we are. 

A friend wanted to take some new born shots of Vanessa for us and I love how they turned out. It ended up being a whole family shoot, but who's complaining about getting more pictures of your family?! She did such a good job and I thought I would start blogging again, by posting some of them.

Our little doll...she's beautiful!

I'm so blessed

His smile...

His kisses...

His eyes...I'm in love.



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