Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Months

Okay, really it's been two months?! Time needs to stop for a minute so I can just just hold my baby. I'm loving life with two and it's actually an easier adjustment than I thought it would be, but it's definitely super busy. Nessa is changing before my eyes. She still sleeps most of the day, but is becoming more and more alert. She smiled for me for the first time the other day where I think she was actually looking at me. Loved it! Her eyelashes have grown in now, which is so sweet. They're beautiful. And she's weighing in at at 8 pounds 6 ounces. The doctor said she's not on the growth chart yet for her age, but she's doing well. 

God is pouring out his grace on this little miracle and we're so thankful. I'm really amazed at all the answered prayers. I love hearing about all the different people who prayed for her, so many that I don't even know. The body of Christ is truly incredible and this trial made me love it in a deeper way then ever before. So thanks to all of you who prayed for us and asked your friends to pray. 

Okay, check out the eyelashes...(wish I had a before and after shot)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A little bit more....

I fell a little bit more in love today...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love the Smiths

God blessed us more than we could have imagined when he moved us to the apartment above the Smiths. I was eight months pregnant when we moved and was less than thrilled. We were moving from a gorgeous two bedroom apartment in Toluca Lake that we lived in for free. We were the apartment managers, which gave us a free place to live, plus a monthly pay check. It was the perfect set up for us with Caleb was in Seminary and a baby on the way. Well, long story, but when the owner of the complex found out I was pregnant, he fired us. He said they wanted a different look for their complex. Wow, I was in shock. We had three weeks to find a new place, and I was so pregnant the last thing I wanted to do was pack up my apartment.

Well, a year and half later and I can't imagine living anywhere, but here in Granada Hills. God provide all our need and so much more. And part of the so much more, was giving us an incredible friendship with the Smiths. We have loved getting to know them, enjoying meals with them, our kids playing together, having someone to borrow an egg from when I'm half way done a recipe and realize I cooked the last one for Elijah that morning! They've been an encouragement to us, they've challenged us, they've served us and loved us. Brooke helped out so much when I was on bedrest, caring for Elijah and making us meals. Elijah thinks he has two mommies, me and Brooke. He loves her and she cares for him like he's her own. When I say we're going to play with Shepherd and Mercy, he gets a huge grin on his face and points to the door saying, please, please. He can't wait to knock on their door and play.

We're so sad they are moving. We know it's best for them, but selfishly I don't want them to go. I'm in denial that this is my last week with them. We're soaking up all the time we can with them and thought a trip to the beach was a must before they go. So, Saturday we packed up and headed to Malibu. It was such a good time and I can't believe they're not going be here all summer to go with us. I actually better stop writing about how much I'm going to miss them cause I'm about to start crying...so to save me from tears here are the pictures from this weekend.

                              Brooke, Shepherd, and Mercy...Love Shepherds face! He's so cute.

                                 The Smith Family...
                                                Sweet Mercy

                                              Men and their boys...

Elijah after a wave splashed over him...it was so cold and we still couldn't keep him out of the water.
                                        Shepherd burying Elijah in the sand...

He wanted to play football with the guys.

                                    Warming up.
                                    I LOVE my family!
                                  Elijah's best buds...
                                We'll miss you guys!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Popsicles and Water hoses

It takes so little to make my boy smile. Love him!

So cold, but they won't stop eating them... 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Family Pictures

Our sweet friend Emma, took some family photos for us. I love pictures, especially ones of my babies, so thank you Emma for doing this, it meant so much!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family Visits

We've loved our family visiting over this last month. Caleb's family spent time with us the first couple weeks of Vanessa's life and then my family flew down and just left Saturday. It's been so busy doing life with just the four of us, but I'm liking getting into a little routine. I of course meant to take more pictures, but with all that was happening, picture taking dropped pretty low on the totem pole. Here are a couple shots I got. 

Abigail with Nessa
Propa and Proyia
Grandma Bussell


Granddad with the kids
Grandma Wood
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