Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Caleb's 33rd birthday! Oh how I love this man....Here are just a couple things that make my heart melt when I look at him. His deep love for God. It's genuine and lived out the same in public as it is in private. He thinks Elijah is the coolest kid and adores Vanessa. He'll go out and get me ice cream whenever I ask for it even if it's 1:00 in the morning. He can't run an errand for me without calling at least once to have me remind him what I want. He loves me and looks for ways to serve me. We have as much fun laying in bed watching a movie together as we do going on on a big date. He's the best dad. His work ethic is incredible and he provides for all our needs. His eyes. His smile. His cheesy jokes. His commitment to the church. His love for our families. The fact he wants Elijah to grow up quick so he can play with him, but he wants Vanessa to stay small cause he just wants to hold her. His desire to adopt. His heart for the lost.

I'm blessed beyond measure that God gave him to me. God knew exactly what I needed and provided for it in Caleb. He strengthens my walk and helps me draw closer to the Lord. I can't imagine my life without him and look forward to another 50 birthdays together.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

Vanessa Mary Patrice, our brand new baby girl, named after three incredible women. I have something most don't. I have three moms to honor today. When my first mom died I felt like I missed something that all other girls get and in ways I did miss out, but God kept his promise and provided all I needed and more. God blessed me with two more women in my life to teach me things and love me in a way my first mom never could.

I learned to pray and stay faithful in trials from my mom, Vanessa. She was a solid rock. Her faith never wavered and she always put the needs of us girls ahead of her own. She prayed for me and my sisters consistently and I believe God is still answering her prayers in my life today. I pray that Vanessa will grow up into a faithful woman of God and follow in her grandmothers footsteps.

I am learning wisdom and hope from my mom, Mary Lisa. She has insight and words of wisdom more than almost anyone I know. She leads by example. She knows when it's wise to speak and when it's better to keep quiet. She's taught me that love believes the best in others. She believed in me and had hope that God was working in me when I was at my worst. She always has hope for the best and trusts God's plan. I pray for Vanessa Mary to grow in wisdom like her Nana. I pray that she learns to guard her tongue. And I pray she chooses to hope in God.

I am learning to sacrifice and love from my mother in law, Patrice. Mary Lisa prayed and prayed that I would marry into a godly, loving family. I didn't really care what kind of family the guy had, I just wanted a good guy. I'm so glad she prayed that for me! Now being married I see what an incredible blessing it is to have married into such an wonderful family. My mom also prayed that my mother in law would be a mom to me. I also didn't understand this prayer. She was my mom, why did I need two? Again, my mom is so wise and knew how great it would be to have another woman in my life. Patrice fulfills things in my life that my mom doesn't. She teaches me things I would have never learned. She cares for me like a daughter and loves me deeply.

At first, Caleb and I were going to name Vanessa Mary after my moms. Caleb always says my mom is made up of two women, but after we decided that I felt like I was leaving someone out. God actually made my mom up of three women and I couldn't leave one out. Patrice is just as much my mom as my first two.

She loves like no one else I know. Her love is deep and passionate. It's hard to describe cause there's nothing like it. Her love gives you a little glimpse into Christ's love for us. She sacrifices. She gives of her time, resources, and energy. She gives all of herself for you. I pray that Vanessa Mary Patrice, learns to love like her Yiayia loves. I pray she watches her example and sacrifices her desires for others.

Happy Mother's Day to all my incredible Mom's. I love you all so much and can't believe how blessed I am to have you in my life!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She's Home!!

We got great news yesterday...they said Vanessa is coming home! We really couldn't believe
it. We were expecting a couple more weeks in the NICU. God is so good. I really don't have
time to blog now that she's home, but I wanted to show you all
some pictures and thank you
over and over for all your prayers! We are so grateful.
Dressed for the first time...

Getting our last instructions...
Buckled up and ready to go...

No wires, no monitors, no doctors, just get to cuddle with our baby. We are so thankful for all they did to care for her, but couldn't be happier just to be home.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Date Night...

Our favorite frozen yogurt... Sample all the flavors and then pick your favorite and a topping...
Happy to be enjoying each other outside of the hospital...
Caleb and I decided we better go on a date before our babies come home cause once they're here it'll be awhile. I'm still moving pretty slow trying to recover so it wasn't anything fancy, just a little frozen yogurt and 45 minutes together. But it was great! These last couple months I've felt like we've just kept our heads above water and now I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We didn't talk about how we're going to take care of Elijah with me on bed rest, or if Vanessa was healthy, just enjoyed each other.

This trial brought Caleb and I closer together. I'm thankful that God used it to strengthen our marriage. It made me so grateful for the husband He gave me. He is loving and attentive. He challenged my walk with the Lord while comforting me when I thought I couldn't take anymore. He never complained about all the work he had to do, taking care of me, Elijah, the house, and working full time. I LOVE him and am excited to start this next chapter of our life together...a family of four.
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