Monday, March 1, 2010

A Weekend Away.

Caleb and I went to Carmel with friends this weekend. It was beautiful there and we had such a relaxing time.
We stayed at our friends mom's house right on the water. As you can see her house is all windows so we got to stare at the ocean all weekend.
Our view.
Caleb's parents watched Elijah for us while we were away. We missed him so much!! When we got back to pick him up the orchards around Caleb's house were so beautiful we had to go walk around in them. All the trees were in bloom and it was so green. I love it there.
Glad to be together again...but incredibly thankful for Papa and Yiayia and their willingness to watch Elijah. He loves them SO MUCH! We are blessed to have parents that love our children and enjoy being around them.
Caleb's house...
In the last week Elijah has turned into a walker. He never wants to crawl anywhere anymore. I can't believe he's growing up so fast.
This picture is for you Sammon's family!

Elijah playing in the dirt....Daddy and Yiayia covered him up in it.


rbrees said...

That's a GREAT picture of the two of you Jessica (one at the beach). I hope you're feeling better.


kt said...

Caleb's parents house is SO beautiful! And those orchards are gorgeous. :)
I am so glad you and Caleb got to get away together!
And Elijah's walking? So much fun! Now he can keep up with Sienna... watch out!

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