Sunday, October 18, 2009

Elijah's ten months

He laughs all the time
swinging at the park
He loves the water

It's incredible what babies learn to do in the first year of their life. They come out as this tiny blob unable to do anything on their own and within a year they've learned to to roll over, sit up, crawl, (maybe walk!) feed themselves, make all sorts of noises, recognize people, and so much more.
I remember the day Elijah discovered his fingers and realized he controlled them. Watching the wonder on his face was so amazing. Well his already ten months and doing so much. He loves to swing at the park, crawl wherever I go, have daddy swing him upside down. climb on everything, feed himself, and give big wet slobbery kisses. Caleb will tell him to give me a kiss and he crawls over to me open mouthed and slobbers all over me. Caleb laughs so Elijah does it again and again until my face is dripping. It's kind of gross, but so cute I can't stop him.
We've also discovered that he HATES twinkle twinkle little star. He has a Baby Einstein movie that I let him watch when I need to shower or something and every time the song comes on he cries until it's over. He also hates it when Caleb's gone. Recently, Caleb went fly fishing with my dad for a couple days and Elijah didn't sleep through the night until he got home. He'd wake up crying da da and if I said Caleb or da da He'd start crying. It was so sad, but made Caleb feel loved.
He is one of the greatest blessings and we can't believe God has given us another. We can't wait to watch them together.

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