Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby Thumper

I'm a little behind with the blog. Lots has happened over the last couple weeks that I'm wanting to write about, but with the craziness of it all and the the whole growing a baby and taking care of a ten month old, I haven't quite found the time.
But alas, Elijah is asleep and before I go, I thought I would share our first ultrasound picture with you. This was taken about three weeks ago so the baby is actually bigger and has developed a lot more. It's amazing to me how much happens in such a short time. Our baby (which we have affectionately started calling Thumper) has all it's major organs. It's heart has divided into the four chambers and is beating. It has fingers, toes, nose, eyes, and is developing eye lids. Can you believe that all this is going on inside me?? And that people say this isn't a baby?? I've always hated abortion, but after experiencing being pregnant, seeing the pictures and giving birth it shocks me that people actually says this isn't a baby.
I go back for my next appointment in a couple weeks and can't wait to hear the heart beating again. Caleb and I will also find out whether it's a boy or girl. I know that this is a big debate out there, but we LOVE knowing. It's so special to us to start calling it by it's name and imaging what he or she will be like. I think it also makes it a lot more real to Caleb. While, I can feel the baby move and am experiencing all that goes into pregnancy he doesn't and it makes him feel apart to know the gender. We are settled on our girl name, but I really haven't found a boy name I'm loving. Once we know we'll share with all of you. (if you have any suggestions I'm open) We'll keep you updated with Thumper and I'll post what else has been going on soon.

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Melissa said...

yay! i love those first few ultrasounds!! we found out that we're having a boy this time around and are really loving knowing!

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