Thursday, September 24, 2009

Four of a Kind

That's's not just the three of us anymore! We are expecting blessing number two at the end of May.
I was so surprised when I found out. I took one test and thought I saw a little pink line, but it was too faint for me to be certain, so I had Caleb run out that night to pick up another. There was no denying the second test. Two lines...I was pregnant.
I say I was so surprised, but there was part of me that just knew. It was the same with Elijah. I knew I was pregnant with him before I took a test. So, I woke up that morning and thought to myself 'I'm pregnant.' I immediately pushed the thought from my head and ignored it until that night driving home from running a couple errands. My curiosity got the better of me (it usually does) and I bought a test. Well, you know the rest.
Two days before I told Caleb I didn't want to get pregnant for a long time and there I was already pregnant. God's timing is so perfect and we are so blessed to be bringing another baby into the world. We are both every excited. Please keep us in your prayers.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My John Deere Boys

If you've known my husband for any length of time, then you know that he LOVES John Deere. It is more than just a hobby, it's an obsession. I knew when I started dating him that he liked it, growing up on a farm and all, but I had no idea how much.
One of our first fights was actually about John Deere. Caleb wanted to drive away from our wedding reception on a John Deere tractor. I was slightly opposed. The idea of driving away on the tractor wasn't really the issue. It was trying to find a tractor that I didn't feel I had time for in my short three months of planning. He let me have my way and as a thank you I surprised him with adding some John Deere apparel to the wedding. At our rehearsal dinner I gave everyone in the wedding party a John Deere hat (green for the guys, pink for girls,) and our ring bearer actually wore his when he walked down the aisle the next day! We had a John Deere wedding cake and my garter was John Deere. Caleb loved it.
The obsession was fed by Caleb's mom the day she found out we were having a little boy. Don't ask me where she found it, but she came home with John Deere onesie, overalls, socks, cell phone, keys, tractor, hat, and tool belt. I'm actually very thankful because they are some of Elijah's favorite toys. They keep him busy so I can get things done in the house. Thanks Mom!
Tonight, I pulled out Elijah's toys for him to play with as Caleb and I ate dinner and I couldn't help but stop and take some pictures...isn't he a cutie!! I love my John Deere boys.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Boise Trip

Buckled up and ready to go!
A little stretch of the legs...
We got to see Deborah before she left for school.
Playing on the trampoline.
Elijah loves his Aunt Abigail!!
Nana and Elijah on a walk.
Playing with Abigail.
All tired out driving home.
Eating a donut at a Bakery in Bishop.
Welcome Home!

Caleb, Elijah, and I packed up our car two weeks ago and started the 14 hour drive to Boise. I was so excited to be driving, while Caleb was wondering if it was too late to get a plane ticket. Elijah didn't know what was going on, he just wanted to be back in his crib sleeping. We had looked forward to this trip all summer. It was the first time Caleb and I would spend time at my parents house without a house full of people. It was just Dad, Mom, and Abigail. We were going to spend the first half of the week in Idaho and then drive to Oregon the second half and spend time with Caleb's grandparents on Blue River. There were high hopes of fishing, playing at the pool, and just spending time together.

Well, God had something else in mind. The night after we got there my sister got a terrible stomach flu that slowly spread through every member in my family. Everything we planned was canceled and we spent our time laying in bed, cleaning up vomit, and sipping on 7 up. Not quite what I had in mind! But somehow we still had a good time. I feel like I learned a lot this trip, so I thought I would share a couple of the things with you.
1. Housing prices in Boise are so cheap and Caleb and I can't wait until we're living there.
2. I miss open sky and fresh air more I realize.
3. Family you get along with even while throwing up is a huge blessing.
4. My family is extremely generous and Caleb and I are thankful.
5. I like going to family movies that have lots of kids in the theater.
6. I need to depend on the Lord as much in the little things as I do in the big.
7. God answers my prayers even though I do nothing to deserve it.
8. Elijah is more fun to be around than I ever imagined.
9. I miss being around my Grandma a lot!
10. Caleb and I are going to miss our California friends lots.
11. I like coming back home, even if home means dark grey clouds, soot flying everywhere, and being stuck inside because the air quality is so bad.
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