Monday, August 17, 2009

Two Years!

I can't believe's been two years since Caleb and I were married. I think over the last two years and all that has happened, three moves, losing jobs, quitting jobs, starting businesses, a seminary degree, a contractor's license, the most precious baby boy ever, and it seems like it should be ten years. Then I look back and think we've just started, which is slightly more accurate. (I wonder what ten, twenty, or fifty years feels like??) So far, it's been the greatest adventure of my life.

I love Caleb more that words can express. He's my best friend and I love that I get to wake up every morning next to him. We have such a blessed life. I'm in awe that God was so gracious to bring us together. I'm glad that we're in this thing together and that God is at the center. I know that Caleb is committed to me and does everything he can to make me happy.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Davy and Elijah

Davy came over with Aunt Bekki the other day and we spent the day in the pool. Elijah and him had fun playing together, but Davy is ready for Elijah to grow up a little so they can run around together. After we were done swimming we put them in the tub together. Elijah was enjoying having his cousin with him, but Davy wanted his space! It was so funny. We were trying to get Davy to hold Elijah, but he didn't really want to and just laid down. Caleb and I thrilled that they are so close in age. (only nine months apart) We know they will have such a good time growing up together. God has blessed us!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sitting up...and so much more.

Elijah is sitting up! Actually he's been sitting up for some time now, but I'm just now putting up pictures of it. He's also scooting around so much. I know any day now he'll be crawling. He has also grown two inches and gained three and a half pounds this last month! This past weekend. Caleb and I went up to the Sacramento River with a couple friend of ours and left Elijah for the first time. We dropped him off with Yiayia and Papa in Bakersfield on our way. I was really sad to leave him, but Caleb and I had a great time. (I'll post some of those pictures soon.) We are so thankful that Elijah has grandparents that love him and enjoy watching him. It is a huge blessing!
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