Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lukas Photo Shoot

I meant to post these awhile ago and some how time has gotten away from me. Actually, I know how the time has gone... and the culprit is in the pictures you're looking at. Things just take me little longer when I'm feeding, changing, cleaning up after, and playing with my little Elijah.

Lukas VanDyke is a photographer that attends Grace Community. Every year he opens up his studio for missions. He takes 15 minute photo shoots and all the donations go to summer mission trips. We were excited to give to missions and have pictures of our little man done.

Elijah has actually grown quite a bit since these were taken. He is such a happy boy. He smiles and laughs all time. He likes to role from his back to his stomach and play with the toys on his bouncy seat. He also loves music. He likes it when I play music in the house or sing to him. If he's fussy and I start singing he almost immediately stops. I love singing to him because he's young enough not to realize how little talent I have. Unfortunately for Caleb we live in a one bedroom and he has to endure it.

Being a mom is one of the greatest experiences I've had the privilege of knowing. It feels like second nature taking care of Elijah. God is teaching me a lot about self-sacrifice and I'm sure I will learn it more and more has he grows. I love this infant stage so much because I just get to enjoy him. Caleb and I truly believe he is a blessing from the Lord. We can't wait to have more someday!


Kirra Sue Sutton said...

Jess these pictures are so awesome! I love how beautiful your little family is- makes me so happy to see you guys together! Is Caleb almost done with Seminary? What are you guys leaning towards doing after?

Melissa said...

yay these are so cute!! and i didnt know you had a blog. so fun!!

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